Friday, October 31, 2014

Come and meet the Fundacion Porvenir!

Written by Adriana Barrientos, In-Country Volunteer, and Huw Thompson, UK Volunteer

The Fundacion Porvenir has been and continues to be one of the greatest experiences that I have gained in my life. The first sessions I attended could not have been more amazing because of the wonderful cause that is fought day-to-day. Since we live at times occupied just with things that happen around us, sometimes we do not give time to observe that in this world there are children who are not only amazing, capable, surprising and full of love, but who are also a light to the soul and a reason to keep pushing forward without surrendering.

Man and beasts stand ready to take their part in the therapy

An insight from Huw into the work of the Fundacion: “Fundacion Porvenir provides a real respite to children with disabilities from La Paz and El Alto. Entering into the tranquil valley at the bottom of the Devil’s Tooth, soothing music sweeps across to greet a child and her family. With Doctor, therapist and volunteers, all thought is devoted to the care of this individual, as she is taken by Humberto Junior and introduced to the horse she will work with. Helping the child atop the horse, Humberto tailors each therapy, whether it be riding, leading or other, to the particular difficulties a child faces, and so begins the mainstay of the therapy.
Surrounded by in-country and international volunteers, a child is led around the safety of the enclosed circle, engaged to recognise the animal beneath her and to partake in the exercises encouraged by Humberto. All the while, Humberto Senior leads active play for the remaining children of the family, and the Foundation’s physiotherapist works with the kids to develop their physical abilities. The verdant plain offers therapy to child and wider family, a peace break from the more difficult week faced in the more challenging parts of Bolivia, all at no cost but the unrelenting devotion of those of Fundacion Porvenir.”

The energy that permeates the foundation is healing and helps one grow personally. The work with the volunteers which we do with this one objective helps to find things in common that you might never have imagined. I have only positive stories about this project, and maybe it's because it's my favorite, and the one which has encouraged me to decide to always keep in contact with development work and involved in the area of ​​ special needs education.

Over time I felt part of the team along with volunteers from Up Close and ICS. We have wonderful and rewarding experiences spiritually, playing with the kids each session, feeling the care of the families and the best thing - seeing the development as the weeks go by in the children is more than enough recompense for me. What else I can tell - the Fundacion Porvenir took my heart. 

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