Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Goodbye from Adriana

In the beginning work with the ICS program in the project Up Close Bolivia I ever think could imagine that I can work with so amazing persons.

I meet a person very unique, A woman full of happiness, good ideas and like I said A women with a lot of energy and light, she is my leader team Cerys, maybe in the beginning we have some issues but with the pass of the weeks I came to know her and I have to admit that meet she was wonderful for me and I going to miss her a lot.

One day Sunday arrive my first Cohort composted with four enthusiastic and pretty girls; JaDE, Kate, Leighanne and Antonella, they was very different to each other but mixed came to be a fantastic team, I never believe that I can be part of the development like volunteers and like persons, I feel so proud and happy because the life give me a beautiful gift that was have them like part of my life.

The projects , meetings, pacifications and evaluations came to be part of my life but the most important was my team ,live with them every days, we have days bads, goods, funny, days of clinic, days of raining and day of party too, but one day arrive and was the day of say good bye.

Thank you too my beautiful team Cerys, Judith, Leighanne, Antonella y Jade, forever you are going to be part of me, thanks for help me to be a better person and teach a lot, I will take you in my heart, I will miss you girls.

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