Friday, August 1, 2014

How things are so far...

So it’s going to be almost four weeks since the volunteers arrived to Bolivia, they passed for a week of induction where they had lots of talks about security, transportation, history, culture, foods and lots of news information that gave them a first impression of the context where their experience will be developed.

The UpClose team: Leighanne Powles, Adrianna Barrientos, Cerys Robinovna, Kate Clark, Judith Valdivia, Jade Parker and Antonella Scaccia

After the induction week the volunteers started to work right away in their projects with the partner of the International Citicen Service ICS, UpClose. There the girls will work in 7 different projects, including: children center, English classes, Nuestro Espacio, soccer school, equine therapy, self-esteem workshops and the zoo. These are the projects where the girls have been working for the last week.  So next you can find what the new volunteers have experienced so far: enjoy it!

This picture was taken in the last Action Friday while the volunteers had the opportunity to help to finish a green house. This photo is Leighanne’s favourite so far.

"The first few weeks in Bolivia have been somewhat interesting getting used to being away from home and the difference in cultures. The highlight so far has been trying the different Bolivian foods, getting to know our projects and meeting people from different aspects of life."


Jade preparing food for the animals during her time working in the zoo

"My first week in Bolivia was a mix of nervousness and excitement. I have felt quickly at home from the time spent with my other volunteers and cooperantes. From working on the different projects I have already learnt tons, from horse riding to teaching English, and I'm excited to continue."


Kate posting the poster of the school of soccer in the state school of Mallasa

"I had no idea what to expect when I came to Bolivia, but I love it more than I could have hoped. The food, the people, the language and the scenery have won me over completely.  Being able to march in the parade for La Paz on the 16th of July let me see directly how much our efforts mean to the people of the city. Starting our projects this week has been a real challenge but I can’t wait to see them develop over the next 2 months."


Antonella saying hello to a monkey that is in observation, while working in the zoo.

"Well, since I've been in Bolivia I have met some amazing people. I have fallen in love with the place; the people are just so kind and happy to greet you in the street. As I am a fussy eater I haven't really tried any typical Bolivian food but since being here I have decreased my fussiness and tried some new foods. I love the projects I am on as I am working with animals and with children, in a zoo, at a horse centre and an after school club."

Written by Judith Valdivia

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