Thursday, May 22, 2014

The life of a Tíá

Interview with Tía Doña Teo by Laura Huff

I have conducted an interview with a Tía from the Valley of the Moon Children’s Center in order to gain an insight into her life.

Doña Teo has given me her permission to speak with me and to publicise her words.

Here is the interview between the Tía and I:


Could you tell me how a day in the life is for you?
For me, it is something very engaging, working with the children. There is a great feeling of responsibility but I like the work.

How long have you worked here?
This year will be my tenth year.

Did you choose this type of work?
Yes, I have always liked the idea of working with children. With time I have enjoyed being with the children more and more.

How have you learnt how to manage and look after the children?
I learn something every year, there are lots of experiences from different children. Also there are tasks that you have to do in order to become a Tia.

How would you describe the life here in the Valley of the Moon?
It is an important dream for us as well as the tourists. I like to meet foreign people here.

What are the most important things in life for you?
The health; that we are well.

Could you tell me a little about the history of the Children’s Center?
It has developed in the last few years and it continues to change and improve. Now there are lots of activities for the children thanks to donations. Also, Doña Emma has invested a lot of money in this place and the quantity of children is increasing and this place is safe and it is much cheaper for the women that work. Now they can work and they do not have to worry about the safety of the children.

What is your favourite memory from your time working here?
I can’t say, but I prefer being here than in my own house!

What do you like to do in your free time?
In my free time, I like to be at home relaxing with my family or doing domestic tasks.

To end, could you tell me some words to live by?
Life is long.

Written by Laura Huff.

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